The Hijab and Fashion

January 30th, 2012

By: Sarah Almahmoud 

Hijab. Let me guess what comes to your mind when you see this word: hijab. Oppressed women? Entirely covered in black. No shapes, forms, colors. Sadness. Depression. Submissive. Whatever you associate with the word hijab, I’m sure it’s nothing related to style, trend, or fashion. Am I right?

This blog post is not about the controversies, opinions, traditions, and ethics of wearing a hijab. It’s not about religion. It’s purely about one thing: fashion.

I know many women who wear hijab and all I have to say is that some of them are the trendiest, most fashionable women I have ever seen. So many times have I been walking around in downtown Beirut envious of a woman wearing a gorgeous hijab. Chanel, Dior, Hermes, silk, organza… you name it. They have it all.

Wearing the hijab is more than just something that women are forced to do to hide their beauty. It accentuates their beautiful faces, their eyes and lips. And it serves as a fashion statement. Every young woman wearing hijab in the Middle East

is now accessorizing it. Whether it is by using colorful silk scarfs, tie-dies,

sheer embroidered fabric, crystal brooches… hijab fashion is anything but blend and boring. It’s exciting, playful, and extremely elegant and classy.

So next time you see a woman wearing a hijab. Take it all in. Look for the details. Admire the draping techniques and all the thought that went into it. Don’t just see her as a poor being. See her for what she is: a strong, powerful, and fashionable woman. Just like anybody else.

Thank you Sarah Almahmoud for this awesome contribution!

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