Cultural Encounters: A Humbling Experience

February 25th, 2012

Hello. Bonjour. Namaste. Salam.

Stories are magical and are the best way to understand the awesomeness amongst culture! My goal is collect over 1000culturalencounters as there are so many great stories out there! If you would like submit your story click here! Submit YOUR STORY!  Before the stories begin, I would like to thank an awesome dude, Kurt Archer, for this awesome idea and his wonderful support towards my vision of a creating a world where we celebrate our differences.

Thank you Simone for sharing your story!

 I am in Ghana and I am with a non-profit organization called ProWorld and we are going around from village to village stressing the importance of keeping oneself healthy. For instance, we discuss malaria and the necessity for pill consumption especially among children and pregnant women. Coming to Ghana, I learned that although malaria is something no one wants to get, if caught, it is very very treatable. In fact, it is often compared to the flu here. America just doesn’t test for it so when someone does get it we over-react.

If I don’t go home with anything else I will go home thanking God for my many blessings. I asked myself a lot while being over here, why was I blessed to live in such a great country? Although we have our faults, I don’t have to worry about my next meal or medication I need. I have never worried about whether or not my house will still be standing when I get there, I don’t have to worry about my brother and sister eating. To see the children here is also hard. The fact that they have no idea what they are born into and most of them have no chance at getting a better life. People here work 6am-midnight, sleeping on grounds and on benches. Children walk around with no underwear. Animals such as goats, chickens and lizards live with families and small babies. The struggle is real.

Being over here is a very humble experience and it makes you think, “Am I working hard enough for all the things I am blessed with?”


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