Laugh in Arab Style…

March 17th, 2012

Hello. Bonjour. Namaste. Salam.

This blog post had to be done.  It was inevitable. Over the past months, I’ve come across some awesome videos with origins in the Arab World. The Arab World is a special places as I’ve lived there for twelve years of my life—longer than any other part of this wonderful world we live in. My first time in the Middle East was when my family and I moved to Saudi Arabia when I was 8 and then we moved to Kuwait. I spent 8 years in Kuwait.

The Arab world = home for me.  So when I saw these awesome pictures and videos….well I decided that it was a good idea to laugh in Arab Style.

Honestly, these videos are hilarious and I love them. So here we go….

My favorite…..Middle Eastern Parents. Here it is.

My favorite part is when he gets called down by his mom because she has a question on how to send text messages. Very familiar territory. Love it!

So you know about the Sh*T people say series that has been going around?  Well, my perspective on them is that they are funny and meant to entertain. I do not think that they are meant to be a source of news or truth. Anyway for people to start thinking about differences—even in the slightest way possible I think is powerful and good so I love the concept.

I believe that humor has the ability to bring insight and tolerance. So I love it!

So here’s my favorite video Sh*t people say video…it  is definitively the best one I’ve seen.

And one of my favorite things..(one of the many) is ArabEnglish. Love it. Sometimes a picture is all you need.



And another one of my favorites because its cute!


Two great sources for Arab Style comedy online: Fouseytube and  Arab Memes! Party On and let the celebration of diversity rock on!

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