The Magic of Soweto Gospel Choir

March 24th, 2012

It finally happened. I had been waiting to see them for months.  If heaven sounds like them, seriously take me there. Soweto Gospel Choir is one of my favorite groups and it was an honor to be able to see them live this week.  The harmonies. The dancing. The magic of this group is just incredible.

Soweto Gospel Choir is a South African  gospel group that blends African gospel, reggae, and American popular music. There are times when words cannot truly describe how beautiful and magnificent something is and this is one of these moments. So let the music of Soweto Gospel Choir move you.

When it comes to music, if I feel it, I feel it regardless even if it is in a language that I don’t understand. Music transcends words and Soweto Gospel Choir just moves my soul. I was left speechless, completely in awe of this incredible group that has performed all over the world and have been nominated for Grammy awards, topped Billboard charts, and have performed with artists including John Legend, Diana Ross, and Peter Gabriel. And THE CLOTHLES…the CLOTHLES. So bright. So much color and I loved them.  Check out this magic!

I think that the most incredible part of watch this group live was in the impact that they have on the audience. By the end of the show, the entire audience (which consisted most of people over 60+) were on their feet, dancing, clapping, and feeling good to words that  most of us did not understand.  It felt that the entire audience has transformed into a gospel church. It was just incredible.  I love this song!!!!!!


The entire time of the concert my hand was over my heart as I felt so moved by the music.  Guitarist Kevin Williams  has stated in an NPR interview, “And we always say to them (the audience), if you want to know where Soweto Gospel Choir lives, put your hand on your heart and you’ll feel that’s where we live, right there, your heartbeat.”  This perfect describes how I feel about this group. Just a heartbeat away.

I left the concert just completley in awe of the human spirt. I was in awe of our ability to use music to celebrate life.  Soweto Gospel Choir, thank you for another reminder that music transcends boundaries. Thank you for being so beautiful.



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