Totally Lovin’ Nigerian Hip Hop

March 10th, 2012

Hello. Bonjour. Namaste. Salam!

I like a lot of things in this world.  It is true, I am a certified optimist and there a lot  of things that I love. But one of my favorite things EVER, is Nigerian Hip Hop.  Let me put it to you like this: If I was trapped on an island and could listen to only a few types of music for the rest of my life, Nigerian Hip Hop would be one of those things on the top of my list.  Every single time, without fail, I listen to a  good Nigerian Hip Hop song I feel incredibly happy.  I want to start dancing with every single ounce of joy that I have in my body and just shake what my momma gave me. I love  Nigerian Hip Hop and it has totally rocked my world.

I love the sound of Nigerian Hip Hop because its catchy, you can dance to it, and it just makes me feel good. Love it.  For real, what more could you ask for? Yes I know the argument can be made that you don’t really understand what is being said if music is in another language so how can you enjoy it?  When it comes to music, I’m of the philosophy that if you feel it. You feel it. And, I’m totally feeling Nigerian Hip Hop.

One of my favorite artists is  Wande Coal.  He is a pretty big artist in the Nigerian Hip Hop scene.   One of Wande Coal’s biggest hits is the song Bumper 2 Bumber which is a great song. If you’ve never listed to Nigerian Hip Hop before, start here.

Another artist that I adore is D’banj as he is one of the most successful Nigerian hip hop artist.  As a woman who loves to dance, his tunes are more than I could ask for. His music can be heard across Africa in nightclubs to Accra, Capetown, Lagos, Nairobi and everywhere else in between.  You can catch me rocking out to a D’banj tune any time or place. In fact, he’s one of the artists I DREAM of seeing live.

Check out one of my favorite D’banj tracks right here:

Nigerian Hip Hop has gotten me through writing papers, challenging French assignments and has made me so happy. I hope that it continues to make more people happy with its innovative sounds and incredible beats.

Since I can’t seem to get enough of Nigerian music scene,  and   are two really great sources for non-stop Nigerian music!

And here’s ONE MORE track….because its time to celebrate! Lets Party!


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