Totally Lovin’ Nigerian Hip Hop Part 2

March 29th, 2012

Every single time I hear it, I just want to bust a move. Nigerian Hip Hop…thats what you do to me. For real, Nigerian Hip Hop is outta this world, outta control, amazingly awesome.  To put it simply, I love it.  Nigerian Music Industry is completely massive with great talent, amazing sounds, and great beats. It’s just brilliant. I personally love it because it really does have its own original sound that is influenced by American Hip Hop and R&B.  Music is another great way to experience the world from the comfort of your home, computer, or whenever you are. The world is truly at your fingertips through music and that’s a beautiful thing.

My love for Nigerian Hip Hop first started during the year I lived in in Cameroon, Central Africa.  I first fell in love with the track Do Me by P Square. I had it non stop on reply for a long long time. This is one of my favorite songs of all time. P Square is a Nigerian duo with the twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye. These brothers make magic. And their magic has brought them a lot of success as they are huge artists in Nigeria and well known across the continent.

Check out the song that started my love for Nigerian Hip Hop: Do Me!

Another song from P Square that I love is Bizzy Body.  Bizzy Body and Do Me are tracks from P square earlier albums put these are definitely my two favorite tracks from P Square.  Bizzy Body.  Imma go lose control…..

Another one of my favorite track is from Eldee-Bosi Gbanga. Love it. Love it.  Eldee is an American-Nigerian rapper that has had some success creating some original sounds and  great tunes! Here’s one of my favorites-Bosi Gbanga.

In my opinion, the best part of music is that you don’t  have to understand the words for it to move you and for you too totally fall in love with the sound.  If you feel it, you feel it. And I’m definetly feeling Eldee and P square. Keep on making your magic gentlemen. Totally rocking my world.

What I can say besides, Nigerian music scene, you make my life so much better. Keep the party rocking!

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