Make it Count

April 19th, 2012

So what does it mean to “make it count?” Well, the Make it Count video provides us with a good place to start and what this phrase means.

I’m in love with Nike’s Make it Count video! It follows the adventure of a filmmaker who collects adventures all over the world in 10 days.  The film maker Casey Neistat, mentions in the video that Nike gave him money to make a video about what it means to “make it count.”

Check out the video here:


Throughout the video there are so many great adventures.  Casey flies to Paris, Cairo, South Africa, Rome, and Bangkok. I was super excited because there were shots of Muscat, Oman which is where I lived for sometime.  Was very exciting. There are shots of  him riding elephants, jumping into lakes, visiting cool places, and enjoying local food.

This video is basically four minutes of heaven. Shots from all over the world. Really great music by Montreal DJ/producer Tiga, which is super exciting because I am Canadian. 🙂 This is such goodness.

I also love how there are so many inspirational quote sprinkled throughout the video from amazing people like Hellen Keller, Albert Einstein, and Abraham Lincoln. My favorite quote is this one:

Love it! This video is a beautiful reminder that we have to be passionate about making the most of the time we have  on this Earth.  It also made me think of my own definition of “making it count.” For me, that means being grateful for what we are given but also using our energy to pursue the life we dream of. What does “make it count” mean for you?


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