The Awesomeness of K-pop

April 5th, 2012

By: Lei Wang

I recently shared a Youtube music video clip of a Korean group, Super Junior, with my good friend, Juanita.  Although, in my opinion, this was a rather small act, I mean, I merely copied and pasted a link onto her facebook wall, right?  However, she was so attracted to them that it has brought my attention to stop and actually think about this phenomena.  Especially, since she even asked me to write a blog post for her about Korean pop music, also known as K-pop.

I do not major in business, however, as a counseling psychology major, I can see how K-pop used the cultural strategies to capture the loyalty of fans.

I think that the terms “individualism” and “collectivism”  are important to think about when looking at K-pop.  Individualism talks about the self as a first priority and is usually represented by the US. Collectivism r stresses the importance of group harmony and China or Japan are the countries on the other end of the spectrum.

Here are two different K-pop groups that have been and still are popular among Asian countries.


Super Junior-Sorry Sorry


Girls’ Generation


I think that there are a number of reasons why K-pop has won over so many hearts of the youth all around the world.  First of all, we see that they have many, many members in their groups… As an Asian myself, I can’t really tell who is who, even though I have seen the music videos each at least five times.

This goes back to the idea of collectivism since collaboration is needed amongst team members in order for a group to achieve the best possible outcome.  Harmony is established through an emphasis on collaboration and teamwork.  Having many group members each with a different personality is a very clever way to target all kinds of fans. K-pop groups have such a variety of personality which fan can choose from. This means all types of people can find someone in the group they support and can be a fan of.

Another strategic way that makes K-pop so well known is that they choreograph easy dances in their music videos and catchy phrases in their songs so that even your grandparents can sing or dance along!

Let’s party on…K-pop style!

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