Should I or Shouldn’t I? #2

September 15th, 2012

Should I or Shouldn’t I even bother? That is the question.

Part 2

By: Asti Mardiasmo Povis

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The situation that I faced in Part 1 of ‘Should I or Shouldn’t I even bother? That is the question’ is a reflection of my early inter-racial, inter-religion dating life; which is perhaps a more common phenomena nowadays due to the increasing interdependency of countries across the globe, globalisation, increasing ease in attending overseas university, and increasing international travel.

We now see an increasing number of inter-racial, and sometimes inter-religion, relationships and marriages; where it is becoming more acceptable to date someone outside of your ethnic group. I am one of those people, who dated countless ‘ethnicities’ in my search for ‘the one’, and I am, what I consider, one of the ‘lucky ones’, as a month ago I married my now-husband, who is of different ethnicity than I am, and who, out of compassion and love, is now the same religion as I am (though ‘technically’).

My question of ‘should I or shouldn’t I even bother’ is a question that I have asked myself numerous times, and so has many of my friends and acquaintances. More often than not it stems from past experiences of ‘bad dates’ or ‘but I thought he would do this’ or ‘I tried explaining to her about it but she just doesn’t get it’; and the pinnacle of it all the thought of at the end of the day, the cultural differences might just be too hard.

I must admit, I asked the same question when I met my now-husband. But I’m glad I followed what my heart told me to do. My blog series is not about gloating, or saying ‘you can do it!’ I’ve set the scene and introduced myself (sort-of), and what I’m about to explore and tell you is my honest journey; of the up and downs, of the joys and feeling of utter despair; and how I jumped through every hurdle and enjoyed every moment.

Michael Jackson once said: if you’re gonna be my baby it don’t matter if you’re black or white. A client of mine said: in recommending me which country to introduce my product to please don’t solely base your analysis on cultural dimension.

The question then becomes: is it cultural difference that makes inter-racial dating (sometimes) so difficult? Or is it Us, as human beings?

Till next time……

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