Cultural Encounters: Love In Language

October 31st, 2012

Picture From:  Innovative Arts

Hello. Bonjour. Namaste. Salam.

Stories are magical and are the best way to understand the awesomeness amongst culture! My goal is collect over 1000culturalencounters as there are so many great stories out there! If you would like submit your story click here! Submit YOUR STORY!  Before the stories begin, I would like to thank an awesome dude, Kurt Archer, for this awesome idea and his wonderful support towards my vision of a creating a world where we celebrate our differences.

Thank you all for sharing your stories.

“I found this incredible article on  10 Relationship Words that are not translatable in English. I thought it was beautiful because it made me realize that there are just some words that are difficult to translate. It made me realize how precise language can be. These words are just incredible.”

Text From: The Top 10 Relationship Words That Aren’t Translateable Into English

Here were two of my favorites:

1. Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan, an indigenous language of Tierra del Fuego): The wordless yet meaningful look shared by two people who desire to initiate something, but are both reluctant to start. 

Oh yes, this is an exquisite word, compressing a thrilling and scary relationship moment. It’s that delicious, cusp-y moment of imminent seduction. Neither of you has mustered the courage to make a move, yet. Hands haven’t been placed on knees; you’ve not kissed. But you’ve both conveyed enough to know that it willhappen soon… very soon.

2. Cafuné (Brazilian Portuguese): The act of tenderly running your fingers through someone’s hair.

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