Learning in a Globalized World

October 29th, 2012

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Yeah, if you haven’t noticed I like alot of things. But seriously, this video..I REALLY LIKED. This video deserves a SUPER LIKE button on Facebook.

Ericsson has created a short film series called Networked Society and one of their recent videos has focused on the future of learning. This video interviews some of the leaders in education and technology. It is absolutely  worth a watch.

I really thought that this video was fascinating because it really provides insight on the changes that have enabled education to become more global. It also provides insight on  current trends within education systems all over the world and how education will impact the development of youth.

So…click away. This is the goodness I’ve been going on and on about. It’s just amazing. Get ready for this magic.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from this video that really got me thinking about education, globalization, and learning.

The way that we solve interesting problems is that we fail, fail, fail, until we succeed. If you talk to people that have succeeded what they almost all have in common is that they failed 100 times before they succeeded.  And what that what separates them from people who aren’t successful isn’t that they succeeded its that they have failed more that the other people did.

You can’t imagine in a world where you sit down to do an exam and you ask yourself the question: “I hope there are no surprises on the exam paper and your teachers think “I hope I’ve prepared them for everything.” How will that prepare you to go out into a world that everyday is going to surprise you? Its full of the surprises of the economy, of society, of politics, inventions in technology. Everyday is a surprise. Learning prepares you to cope with the surprises and education prepares you to cope with certainty. There is no certainty.




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