We Need More than English

November 12th, 2012

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Seriously, we need more than English in this world.

Yes, I get it. English is practical. And everywhere in the world you can find someone that speaks it. But for me, English is not enough.  I think  that while English is going global it is important to understand the importance of keeping, preserving and learning other languages.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice  says it best in the book, How Great Women Lead.

“In today’s world you can travel among the elites of almost every nation and never speak anything but English. But we can’t settle for that. It is important that we speak other languages to gain a deeper understanding and insight into foreign cultures.  Nations having becoming increasingly interdependent with one another and therefore must communicate better and better. The leader of the future must be better ant at understanding languages and cultures than ever before.”

Language is so powerful. I think that it is essential for us to preserve and hold on to language. Yeah, to some this may sound fluffy and unpractical. But to me, this is practical. Learning languages can open doors, create opportunities, and MOST IMPORTANTLY create connections between people that are different from us. Even knowing a few words in another language can change in the environment of a room thats full of people.

For example, think about the word LOVE and the different languages that you can use to express it.  Its pretty amazing because through language we are able to express similar messages but in completely different ways.

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Check out this awesome New York Times debate that also breaks this topic down quite well:  English is Global so Why Learn Arabic?

My wish for the world today is that we realize that English is not enough. We realize the importance of  speaking, teaching, and keeping languages all over the world. Languages make the world a more interesting, beautiful, and fascinating place.

There are some great programs online that can get you started on learning that language you’ve always wanted to learn.  Chick here  for more information. 🙂




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