Life is Like a Camera

May 1st, 2013

From: The Sugar Cube Factory

I’m job hunting right now and its a challenging experience.  These challenging moments can take you on a whirlwind of emotions and adventures. But so far, through it all there has been one lesson that has fundamentally changed how I see challenges/hard times.


I really do believe that life is like a camera you know. It is important to find a way to learn, to grow, and to be the best you know not only in our moments of glory when everything is working super well…but also in those times where life is difficult.

A good friend of mine told me that “When you are feeling low, there is nothing to lose because you are at a low point. So if you go through a problem and gain as much as you can from it then when you overcome your challenge you will be a better person for it.”

I believe that developing from the negatives is more of an attitude and a perspective than anything else. For instance, I’ve decided that it is important to make a CHOICE, to make a decision, that you will grow from it. For me, I’ve made a choice to allow job searching process and all the uncertainty it brings to make a me a stronger person.

But growth can come in all forms and all sizes. What can you learn from challenging situations that you are going through?

You know what in the end,  we are all here for a limited amount of time and I figured that you might as well make the most of all moments, even the ones that leave you wondering, confused, and vulnerable.  I figure I might as well make the most of things by learning from everything and developing from the negatives.

Image From: Sean Wes


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