Cultural Encounters: Fitting In

July 10th, 2013

Picture From:  Innovative Arts

Hello. Bonjour. Namaste. Salam.

Stories are magical and are the best way to understand the awesomeness amongst culture! My goal is collect over 1000culturalencounters as there are so many great stories out there! If you would like submit your story click here! Submit YOUR STORY!  Before the stories begin, I would like to thank an awesome dude, Kurt Archer, for this awesome idea and his wonderful support towards my vision of a creating a world where we celebrate our differences.

Thank you all for sharing your stories.

For me, some of the strongest cultural encounters I have had have been in my own country.  After living some years abroad and having the opportunity to travel and live in countries very different than my own, whenever return home, to Canada, I see things in a completely different way.  I notice the way people talk, the expressions they use, the way they communicate with each other, their mannerisms and the way they react in certain situations… I find myself being so aware of all of these things which were once common place for me. Being able to have an outsiders view on your culture and your own country is something that can be very enriching, while at the same time giving you a sense of being lonely and not really ‘fitting in’ any more.

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