No, I am not going to The World Cup

August 27th, 2013

Carla Dauden, you totally inspire me because you decided to use the power of technology to spread an important message and perspective that needed to be heard.

The video No, I’m Not Going to The World Cup was posted by Carla Dauden and became an internet sensation. In the video, she speaks about the challenges that are happening in Brazil.

This video was posted as thousands of Brazilians took to the streets to protest corrpution.

In the video, talks about alot of the common steortypes of Brazil which include football, attractive people, passion for football, and how everyone enejoys to party.

She also explains that the reality is that Brazil has very serious social and  public service challenges and it is difficult to justify the expense being spent on the World Cup while these challenges are being faced by Brazilians everyday. I feel like this a really cool way to gain a different perspective about such a popular international event.

“Now tell me, in a county where illiteracy can reach 21%, that ranks 85th in the Human Development Index, where 13 million people are underfed every day and many people die waiting for medical treatment, does that country need more stadiums?” she askes in the film. “We do not need Brazil to look better for the world, we need our people to have food and health. We do not need more parties but people with jobs and a sustainable way of living.”

Check out this powerful video that been viewed by millions! Definetly one of my favorite videos!

As a follow up, she also did another video called, Yes-You can Still Go to The World Cup, which focuses on how the protests have actually pushed the government to listen to the protesters and specific points of pressure to ensure that the government remains accountable.

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