One Woman, Eight Characters

September 17th, 2013

Sarah Jones is amazing! She gives this spectular TED talk! She uses her charm and talent to take us around the world in a matter of minutes and what an adventure it is.  She acts out an opinionated elderly Jewish woman and a fast-talking Dominican college student , which are two my personal favorite characters.

Here is  this wonderful masterpiece: One Woman, 8 characters!

Not only is she brilliant but she brings up some very philosophical questions that I found so interesting.

I am interested in the invention of self. We are all born into certain circumstances with particular physical traits, unique developmental traits, experiences, geographical, and historical contexts. But, then what? To what extent, do we self construct? Self Invent? How do we self identify and how mutable is that identity? What if one could be anyone at anytime?

One of the super powers that I have always been fascinated by to be a shapeshifter, which enables you to change into different people. I think that would super super interesting.  Well, looks like Sarah Jones is as close as I am going to get to witnessing that super power.

If you could be anyone at anytime who would you be?  Such an interesting question. Anything is possible, right?  It is. Thats I believe 🙂


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