Speaking African

September 15th, 2013

A friend sent this to me and as a result I have found my “new” favorite comedian Hari Kondabolu. He’s  actually been around for a while but I’m so happy that I came across him.  He’s absolutely hysterical.  I cried of laughter watching his stuff. For me, he’s funny because what he says is on point and true to the MAX!

Here’s one of my personal favorites of his-Speaking African.

My personal favorite: “The only thing worse than an idiot, is an arrogant idiot.”

When someone is says something that is complete  nonsense and are convinced that its true, its pretty annoying!

You only live once so I figure that I might as well take the time to learn about the world. No need to know everything. But there is also no need to insist  on me being right when I am not.


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