5 Things to Love About the 2014 World Cup

July 3rd, 2014

Its absolutely incredible how a football and some grass can bring the entire world together.  Football is an amazing sport and the games are brilliant. There are five things that I have LOVED about the 2014World Cup that are making me incredibly happy.

1. The Fans 

I love watching the fans during the games. I have learnt more about what different flags look like and just watching the fans is sooo FUN.  Observing the fans also gives us a chance to observe cultures and learn more about the world we live in.

2. The Incredible Commercials. 

I have watched this commercial countless times. I just love it.  It feels like I am traveling the world just in minutes and the music is super cool as well. The World is Ours….

3. Some Dancing 

This was one of my favorite moments of the World Cup so far…Colombia dancing after a goal! I have had this one on replay.  I have to admit that Colombia is one of my favorite teams so I am a little bit biased.

4.  The Drama

So many surprises. Italy, Portugal, England, and Spain did not even make it past the first round.  Its just been drama after drama after drama. This has been such an unpredictable and exciting World Cup. I am loving how you never know what will happen.

5.  The Announcers 

I enjoy watching games in different languages because I love hearing announcers from all over the world. I have a soft spot for an announcer that does not hide their excitement and screams GOAAAALLLL. Check out this awesome Buzzfeed article to listen to announcers from all over the world.

Announcers From All Over the World

The moral of the story is that the World Cup shows us that the world can come together when it wants to.   People all over the world have been experiencing the magic of the World Cup. Every time I watch a game I am reminded of how connected we all are. It’s a small world after all.


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