Learn How to Make Grammar Fun

September 9th, 2014


I love French and one of my dreams is to work as a public relations practitioner in French. In order to make that happen, my grammar has to be in tip top shape!  In order to spice it up, I went on a hunt for an awesome language app that can make learning grammar more exciting.

Luckily, I succeeded in finding a really cool app that is free and super fun!  I want to spread the love to all the language lovers out there!  So here we go…*drumroll please*

Introducing….I’m proud to introduce one of my favorite apps DUOLINGO! 


1. ITS FREE! No need to pay for it. My philosophy: Free stuff is good stuff.  You can also use the web based version of Duolingo.

2. Duolingo is like Candyland but for learning grammar. It turns learning grammar into a fun game where you get certain points for answer questions. The most questions you answer the  higher level you can reach.  You can create an account and choose a language (Spanish, French, German).

2. It incorporates reading, writing, listening and speaking! There’s a wide variety of exercises that allows you to learn the major skills while having a good time.

4. Its super addictive! Whenever I am on this app, time goes by so quickly and I have fun! I forget that I’m learning grammar.  Grammar is so necessary but lets face it, its so hard to learn!  Anything that can make me forget that I’m learning grammar is impressive.

I highly recommend DUOLINGO! Get the app today and have a great time while learning some grammar!

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