3 Stories About Ebola You Outta Know

October 31st, 2014

Human beings are capable of being creative and innovative even in the most challenging of times. Ebola has captivated global attention and through it there have been some stories along the way.

Here’s my top 3:

1.  The difference between US and UK Media Coverage

Russell Howard does a very creative and hysterical comparison of US and UK media coverage.  It is incredible how different culture impacts how the same story can be covered in the media. The phrase”80 people..thats two 40s…” will have a totally new meaning once you watch this hilarious video.

2. Number 1 Hit Song: Ebola In Town

Three Liberian musicians came up with a creative way to spread awareness about Ebola–they created a song!  This song, Ebola in Town, has become a 1 hit in Liberia.  The song has a really good beat, is very catchy, and the lyrics provide information about Ebola is transmitted.  Innovation!  Click here to learn more about the song.

3.  Liberian Woman Saved Three Family Members from Ebola

This story  is just inspirational. Twenty two year old nursing student Fatu Kekula took care of four family members that were affected with Ebola. Three out of the four members of her family survived. The most incredible thing is that she did not have  personal protection equipment and used trash bags to protect herself while treating her family. Click here to get more info about this incredible story.


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