3 Biggest Challenges With Content Marketing & How to Overcome Them

November 12th, 2015

I had the opportunity to attend Project:Spaces Pro-tip Tuesdays event on Content Marketing with Cassandra Campbell.  Her talk was simple, great and she was able to sum up the three biggest challenges with content marketing.  Here’s her top advice for Content Marketers.

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to gain free website traffic. The more blog posts a company publishes on a monthly basis, the more likely they will see jump in traffic on their website.

In order for blogging for your business to be effective, it is essential to construct a strong content strategy that will lead to growth in traffic and sales.


3 Biggest Challenges

Challenge 1: Low Quality Content

It is not enough to just create content. Writing a blog is something that can easily be done. Producing quality content is essential if a business aims for their content strategy to lead to growth. Here are three key ways to produce quality content.

1. Cover a New Topic

Content that covers something new can provide value especially if your industry is new or if you have a topic that no one has covered before. By being the first to cover it, your content will immediately set the standard.

2. Improve upon whats already out there

Gain an understanding of what has already been written about a topic and do it better. This could mean going in-depth on a topic or simplifying it.

3. Look at a topic from a new angle

If you have a different perspective on a topic, covering it in a new way can provide value to your readers.

Challenge 2: Not Writing for your audience

The second challenge is not writing content that connects to your audience. Businesses can write for their colleagues instead of writing for their customers. An example would be a freelance graphic designer writing about how to manage their business. Writing for colleagues will not lead to an increase in clients. It would be far better to write about the things that customers want to read about.

Keeping the customer in mind when creating your content strategy allows your content to stay relevant for your audience.

Challenge 3: Not Using Keyword Search

Ignoring SEO will mean that your blog can miss out on website traffic that comes from organic search. Before writing about a topic, using the Keyword Planner can assist with finding out which key words that have the highest search volume. While writing, work key words into your title and throughout your blog post.

I would highly recommend attending Pro-tip Tuesdays at Project:SpacesPro-tip Tuesdays are a new biweekly lunch-and-learn series that is free for members that tackles topics  relevant to creators of all kinds.

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