5 Reasons Why Shared Office Space is Brilliant

November 13th, 2015

I love surprises! So when I ran into Gwen Elliot after a dance class, she let me know about a workshop on one of my favorite topics: Content Marketing. I was delighted! Luckily, I had the time and I was able to attend the workshop! I learnt a lot about Content Marketing and in the process I learnt a lot about the awesomeness of shared office space (also known as coworking). The workshop I attended was held at Project: SPACES which is founder friendly coworking space in downtown Toronto.

We live in a time of choice and people are increasingly choosing the paths of working remotely, entrepreneurship, freelancing, and consulting. Let’s face the facts: working out of a tiny cubicle isn’t very exciting, working from home can be distracting, and coffee shops can get noisy.  Through coworking, community and collaboration come together to enable a bunch of passionate people to dream together in the same space.

I’m a big fan of breaking things down so here are my five reasons why using a shared office space is brilliant and makes so much sense.

  1. Easy on the Wallet: This was the part that surprised me the most. I had this myth roaming around in my head that shared office space would be expensive. But its so affordable! Project: SPACES offers different types of membership ranging from $45-$350 per month with no scary commitments. Members can leave hassle free with 30 days notice. Project: SPACES has two downtown locations and once you have a membership at once space you have unlimited access at all locations.

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2. 24/7 Access: Passionate people hussle all day everyday. Members at Project: SPACES have access to their space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Blazing Fast Internet:  In technology fueled world, Internet matters a lot. I am always surprised at how helpless I feel when the Internet doesn’t work. Project: SPACES makes having super fast internet a priority for its members.

4. Community and Good Vibes: No man or woman is an island. Realizing that you are not alone as a entrepreneur, freelancer, or consultant can be make all the difference. Project: SPACES offers a place where you can meet people that are just as driven and passionate as you are about achieving their goals.  One of most important aspects of being in a shared office space is in the relationship that are created by working in the same space. Shared office space can lead to collaboration, innovation, and progress. Members have the chance to create a network that can provide feedback and perspective on projects and business goals.

5. Membership Perks: Project: SPACES offers a bunch of really cool membership benefits. Pro-tip Tuesdays are a new biweekly lunch-and-learn series that is free for members that tackles topics  relevant to creators of all kinds. The event will kicks off at 12:30pm with coffee and light snacks and the presentation begins sharp at 1pm, ending at 1:30pm.

Any full-time member who has been a part of the Project: SPACES community for three months  is eligible for the Health & Dental Plan.

And this is not the end…Click here to learn more about all the other awesome benefits at PROJECT: SPACES.

All in all, coworking is an incredibly brilliant idea. These geniuses at Project: SPACES know what they are doing as they have been voted as Toronto’s best Coworking Space by Techvibes. I loved taking a tour with the staff at Project: SPACES and would encourage everyone to do so.  Book a tour and be enchanted by the world of coworking!

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