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There’s nothing I love more than great stories about cross cultural differences! I would love to hear your stories about good, bad, challenging, interesting, and awesome cross cultural encounters that you have had! My goal is to Collect Over 1000 Cultural Encounters! A cultural encounter is a unique interaction with anyone, anything or anywhere that is foreign to you.   Send me your stories from wherever you are on this awesome planet by completing the form below! You can anonymously send me your quotes and stories about your cultural experiences. In your stories you can discuss places you’ve lived, moments you’ve had, or something that you’ve  felt during a cultural encounter.

All stories will be submitted anonymously. Stories can be sent in the form of a postcard, photo, quote, or word document. You can also send a picture with words as well! You are welcome to send as many stories as your heart desires.  All submissions must be a MAXIMUM of 300 words. Stories will be posted on my blog EVERY FRIDAY! Fill out the form below to submit your cultural encounter! You can email for more information and assistance!

Here’s an example of a cultural encounter:

Living in Douala, Cameroon was a roller coaster ride. When I first arrived, I was very lost. Everything was in French and it was overwhelming. After a year of living there, I was able to speak to my neighbors in French, bargain at the local markets, and know where to get all my favorite things.  When I listen to my favorite songs  that I loved from my time in Cameroon, I am always surprised.  The songs are  a reminder that the unfamiliar can become familiar. I found friends, experiences, and memories in a place that started off as very foreign to me.  Home can be anywhere. -From Canada

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